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I am so sorry...  / Renee Ditter Mommy To Morgan Meier (passerby)  Read >>
I am so sorry...  / Renee Ditter Mommy To Morgan Meier (passerby)
I am so sorry for the loss of the beauitful little girl. What happened to her was horrible. I pray that you will all be a family again someday when the Lord calls your name. Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!  / Aubrey Turner (cousin)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!  / Aubrey Turner (cousin)

I remember the first time I met you. You were about 6 or 7 months. I was visiting MiMi and Pee-Paw. You were so adorable. Your chubby cheeks little black hair and beautiful brown eyes. You were quiet. I fed you a bottle. You and my nephew took some pictures together. Y'all were so cute together. Then you and your mommy left. The next time I saw you you had became this beautiful baby girl. I loved holding you in my arms. I didn't want to let you go. You were so precious. We got a few pictures together. I remember seeing how happy you got when Pee-Paw would call you his 'Wee-Wee' girl. The last time I saw you was in the back of mommy's car. I gave you a kiss and told you I loved you. I remember them saying that they didn't like Daryl to much. I have a picture of you with a bruise on your forehead on my camera too. I didn't think to much of it. Then 3 short months later my mom tells me you died. I was crying for days on end. I didn't know what to do. I feel guilty that I didn't look or talk to anyone about it more. I feel guilty not being with you as much I would have liked. I know it is bad to hate but I can't help it. No one should have ever touched you or hurt you or any baby like that. I wish I could be down there when they go to court. I wish I could go to your grave atleast. Bri please pray for me. Pray that I can find the strength to somewhat forgive Daryl for what he did. If I don't I'll never get to see you again. I wish I could see you right now. I miss you so much. I want to give you kisses again. I miss your smile. You meant so much to me.

Now because of your death and my 2 friends deaths I'm not the same any more. I have to try to be happy. It's so hard. Brianna please pray and help me. I have made mistakes I can't take back. Now I am scarred for life.

Please help me and our family get through and get back to the people we were. I love you Brianna. I'll see you soon. (Meibe in my dreams like before)


Forever and for always Your loving cousin. Aubrey.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN BRIANNA  / Debbie Hester (Grammy)  Read >>



Although you are not here with us
On this your Special Day
We treasure all the memories of you
before you went away…

Your amazing smile your “Oye-Oye” song
Your favorite purple beaded light.
The way you would play peek-a-boo
while rocking you to sleep at night.

Our “Lego wars” the peep costume
“You are my Sunshine!” true.
All your pretty little diva clothes
And how your room still smells like you.

Your special wonder and amazement
And all your silly ways…
The memories of your bouncy walk
Will always fill our days.

Silly dancing to the music on the TV
And shuffling those tiny lil’ feet.
How you smiled and waved at Big Bird
And never even missed a beat.

The way you’d clench those “mighty little fists”
And growl when we’d say “Do The Hulk!”
And when Mommy told you not to touch her laptop
Oh how you’d scream and sulk!

Wet Tigger tails tiny painted nails…
How much you loved your bath.
How saying PeePaw’s “Wee-Wee” girl
Would always make you laugh.

So many cherished memories Bri
All the happy times we’ll treasure.
There should have been so many more…
You filled our lives with pleasure.

Now memories don’t seem near enough
There was so much more we had to share.
Like training wheels singing songs together
And whether you’d ever finally get more hair?

You should have had many more years of life
There was so much more to see and do.
Brianna today should have been a happy day babygirl
For you’d only just be turning TWO.

NOVEMBER 17 2009.

(Written with the help of an angel by her Grammy Debra Hester)

Brianna Kichelle Hester

On her 1st Birthday *11-17-08 *

Six Months  / Glenn Hester (Grandfather)  Read >>
Six Months  / Glenn Hester (Grandfather)

Six months ago you went to God. 

Six months ago your killer was arrested. 

Six months ago my world was shattered. 

Six months ago my heart and shield tore apart.

Six months ago I kissed you for the last time.

This month you would have been two years old.  Two dates in November tear my heart apart.  Your birthday on the 17th and my son's death on the 13th.

I often ask God why but I guess I shall not know that as long as I live. 

There is no closure for me even after a conviction.  Closure will come when I take my last breath and leave this world. 

I miss you so much.  I have never loved a person as I loved you.  You made such an impact on me like no one has ever done.

I will always have the memories we had together but the saddest one is remembering your sad look when I left that day.  That will haunt me forever. 

I love you and miss you and hope one day to be with you again.  Life does not hold the same for me anymore.  I am not the same person I used to be no matter how hard I try.

Six months ago you became an Angel in Heaven.

Six months ago I began living in Hell.  The pain I feel is nothing compared to what you went through.  Please pray for your family and for justice in this case.

I love you so much.  Pee Paw

Missing you......  / Aubrey Turner (cousin)  Read >>
Missing you......  / Aubrey Turner (cousin)

       Brianna I miss you so much. I miss seeing you when I went to visit in St. Simons with MiMi and Pee-Paw. I miss watching you play. Feeding you a bottle when I first met you. You are so beautiful. We all miss you. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. We remember how happy you were. Very photogentic. And so so cuddly. It hurt me when me and Pee-Paw went to your grave. I was ready to cry. Hearing Pee-Paw talk to you and looking at your grave. I wanted to cry. It touched my heart. Those are things I never wanted to see or hear. I wish I was there to see you more. I wish I could be there to visit your grave now. I wanted to be there and watch you grow up. I know your watching over us with God. Bless us and help get over the tramtic event. It was so horrible to hear my mom say you went to Heaven. You were so perfect. I wish I could hold you in my arms. Just like I do in my dreams. Those are the times I wish I didn't have to wake up ever again. I'm hoping that I will get to visit your grave when and if I move with my mom. I love you and miss you baby.

Forever and Always

                  ~Your Loving Cousin Aubrey

Angel / Tina Bailey   Read >>
Angel / Tina Bailey
So sorry for your loss. She is just a precious angel. Always smiling. My heart breaks for you and for Bri. She is safe with Jesus. God bless your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. No child and no family should have to go through something like this. Its not right. I pray for Justice for this beautiful little girl who was taken way to soon. When that monster takes his last  breath I know true Justice will be served. God doesnt take lightly these cowardly evil people that hurt others especially children. Take care of yourselves and remember you are loved and bri will never be forgotten. Close
You Inspire Us All  / Debbie Hester (Brianna's Grammy )  Read >>
You Inspire Us All  / Debbie Hester (Brianna's Grammy )

Good Morning my Sweet Angel. I love and miss you so much. I was told this week that letting go of the pain is not letting go of you but right now I don't feel I can do either. I would trade places with you in a heartbeat Bri but that is not part of the plan. So please watch over us all and guide us to strive towards perfection. I know it exists because I was so blessed to have held a perfect angel here on earth when I held you. I will always Thank God for letting me be your Grammy. Hopefully he will forgive me for being so angry at him because 17 short months will never have been enough. I Love You So Much Brianna. I Always Will...

Love & Hugs        


I want you to know,  / Aubrey Turner (Cousin)  Read >>
I want you to know,  / Aubrey Turner (Cousin)

   Hey angel. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. There are so many things that remind me of you around me everyday. I wish I could have told you goodbye one more time. I came down that summer. I wish you were still here with us. I have had a rough week. Please pray and watch over and help it get better. I need you baby girl. I remember the first time I held you. I was feeding you your bottle and you were sitting with my nephew Haiden. Do you remember him? Y'all got along really good. The last time I saw you you had gotten so big and so beautiful. I didn't want to let you go. I wanted you to stay with us. You were so calm and happy. You were our perfect angel. I haven't said or asked but please forgive me that I didn't go to your funeral. I wanted to but my mommy couldn't get us down there. I wish I could have went. I still feel bad I didn't go. When I read your story your Grammy wrote and the comments i get really sad. I do like looking at your pictures and thinking about how happy you were with us. I just wanted to tell you I love you and I miss you. Please watch over our family.


Aubrey your loving cousin forever and for always my angel.

Be Blessed  / Tiara Dix (none)  Read >>
Be Blessed  / Tiara Dix (none)
To the Hester family I offer my condolence and my most sincere prayers....I couldn't help but to tear up as I was reading Brianna's story and looking at how beautiful this precious baby was. I would like to tell you to stay encouraged and keep the faith! You may not understand why this had to happen to Brianna & your family but all I can say is God dont make mistakes & everything happens for a reason. You no longer have to worry about or cry for Brianna she's in heaven now....she got her wings!!No more sickness no more pain & no more suffering. Believe me I know you all loved and still loves Brianna but God loves her best....You'll see her again just simply ask her "to save a seat for you." Before I close this I'd like to encourage you.... Be blessed my brother Be blessed my sister Be blessed wherever this life leads you Let me encourage you Let me speak life to you You can depend on God to see you through You can depend on me to pray for you! GOD BLESS YOU HESTER FAMILY REST IN PEACE..... TAKE YOUR REST BABY BRIANNA & SAVE A SEAT 4 ME Close
Brianna You're Forever in my Heart  / Debbie Hester (Grammy)  Read >>
Brianna You're Forever in my Heart  / Debbie Hester (Grammy)
Brianna You are missed so much babygirl. You would have been 22 months today. I wish you were here but all we have now are the beautiful memories of you. Your headstone was put on today and it too is beautiful but so bittersweet. It signifies the end of such an amazing journey that I wish had never ended. Til we meet again I Love you so much my lil butterbean. xoxoxo Grammy Close
Angel Above  / Denise Barker (Great Aunt )  Read >>
Angel Above  / Denise Barker (Great Aunt )
Precious Bri I never got the honor of meeting you I actually missed by a week  Even though I never got the honor of meetig you through all the tributes and stories and pictures i feel like i have  always known you.  I love you and miss you God picked a wonderful little angel to be with him.  He added another Rose to his bouquet.  Your grammy will surely keep her promise.  And every person who sees this and the one on your my space will know you and love you.  You were beauiful and god knows you had the most love your family could live.  You enriched there lfe so much.  You sure touched alot of hearts in your short time with us.  We all love you sunshine Close
Headstone installed  / Glenn Hester (Pee Paw (Grandfather) )  Read >>
Headstone installed  / Glenn Hester (Pee Paw (Grandfather) )

Bri your headstone was installed yesterday.  It is a beautiful tribute to your memory.  I hope to get the bench installed today.  Please continue to pray for your family as we all are still so heartbroken not having you around.

I love you very much and miss you.  You made an impact on my life like no other has ever done.  I am seeing others who did not know you write that you impacted their life as well.  That makes you so very special.

Love from your Pee Paw.

TO MY BRIANNA...  / Debbie Hester (Grammy)  Read >>
TO MY BRIANNA...  / Debbie Hester (Grammy)

To my Beautiful Brianna

If I could have a lifetime wish
a dream that would come true
I'd pray to God with all my heart
for yesterday and you.
A thousand words can't bring you back
I know because I've tried
And neither will a million tears
I know because I've cried.
You left behind my broken heart
and happy memories too
I never wanted memories Bri...
I only wanted you.

I Love & miss you so much sweet baby Love Grammy

blessings! / SHEILA Mandra (internet friend )  Read >>
blessings! / SHEILA Mandra (internet friend )

i want to tell you thank you for sharing your story it has been very tough to set here and read this without crying or calling my mom and sobbing in the phone im a mother of 5 kids. i know your daugthers pain! losing a child is never easy and i know she possible blames her self! for not being there! but its not her fault and not your fault! its that mans fault! he. made that choice to harm or hurt and to. take her life! not anyone else! her life was short and wrongifully taken from you. i dont doubt that! she was a blessing a angel sent from god  my little girl is about her age shealyn was born dec 18 2006. she doesnt remember much about her father what little she knows! is! daddy is getting help! he will never again be allow to be a father to then. in the home and what few visits he gets with them. supervised! is enough!. for them at least! for me i find it hard to forgive him. or even look at him in his face! most day. our son is 4 turning 5. he misses our family how tight we was! how happy he misses. everything about before! but knows that mommy will never leave him! at all.. i got lucky god saved me the tears of not losing my child. i dont think i could handle that.! my thoughts and prays are with you. and thank you. for sharing your story. all my thoughts and love and prays are with you today!

sheila mandra

Missing you so much  / Christine Yarborough (Aunt Nene )  Read >>
Missing you so much  / Christine Yarborough (Aunt Nene )

Hey Beautiful miss you so much. I think of you every day and even call your name. Sorry I have not come to visit you at your grave but Aunt Nene isn't ready to do that yet. One day soon I promise I will be there. I spend lotsa time with your mommy but even that is hard because your like two peas in a pod and shes missing her peas!! I saw you take your first breath in the delivery room and your last at the hospital THANK YOU for comming into our family and being my neice the honor was all mine. Please watch over all of us and give us strength when we need it. Aunt Nene loves you to infinity and beyond ALWAYS have ALWAYS will!!!


I make the monkey sounds for Ciera she doesnt find them as funny as you but I'll keep trying :)

I am so sorry  / Christy Johnson (none)  Read >>
I am so sorry  / Christy Johnson (none)
I just wanted to extend my condolences to Brianna's family. I am so very sorry for your loss and for what happened to your little angel. God bless you all and may he give you ongoing strength. Close
Brianna, I love you.  / Aubrey Turner (Step Cousin )  Read >>
Brianna, I love you.  / Aubrey Turner (Step Cousin )

Brianna I wanted to say I love you. There isn't a day that goes on that I don't think of you. I always think about how adorable you are how much you were loved and how much you are missed. I look at your pictures and tear up then I start to think "how could someone do this?" I do cry about you. Very often. I'm having dreams about you lately. I dreamed you were with me and I got to tell you I love you and goodbye. I guess it's my way of saying it. The last time I saw you before you passed was in Febuary. It was me you mommy haiden kimmie mimi pee paw and Aunt Amanda. I got to tell you I love you and goodbye and gave you a kiss. I wish i got to see you more. I read all the things writen by all these people I see how much you were loved. I also see how much people were hurt when you left. You were loved by so many people. I wanted to thank you for watching over your family. We really need it. I love you so much baby girl. We will see you again. Save a special place in Heaven for us. We miss you Brianna.


Your cousin Aubrey.

                                RIP BABY GIRL

Heaven Is So Lucky!!  / Wanda Fields (Friend of Christine's )  Read >>
Heaven Is So Lucky!!  / Wanda Fields (Friend of Christine's )

I have been Blessed to have met Baby Bri atleast twice in her short lived life. Who would have ever imagined that this could happen to such a beautiful angel? My Heart Thoughts & Prayers are with each and every one of you. Mei Brianna live on through each of you who love her so dearly and may the Bastard who was responsible for this tragic loss ROTT IN HELL.  "VENGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD"


Still hurting, still healing...  / Kathy Lilley (friend of the family )  Read >>
Still hurting, still healing...  / Kathy Lilley (friend of the family )

Wishing you peace within and wisdom to know you are surrounded by light even when it feels dark. Healing moves at its own pace and will not be rushed.

“Grieve not for nor mourn the while                                                   for happier would I be to see you smile.
Let no tears fall since I have passed away                                         but miss me and remember me each day.                                            Live your lives as I
would want you to                                              and treat your fellow man as I would do.
And when the time has come your lives be through                                I shall be waiting here for each of you.” 

Do not stand on my grave and weep; 
I am not there. I do not sleep. 
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond's glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.
-author unknown

He spoke well who said that graves are the footprints of angels.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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